20 Must Read Travel Stories of 2016 from 20 Indian Travel Bloggers

People might think of us as professionals but we consider ourselves as travel freaks as much as these Travel bloggers listed below. We don’t get to travel as much as these guys, but we do follow a lot of travel blogs closely to seek inspiration for our next trip. The whole team at Asian tours and Holidays sent me their favorite articles from the previous and then I chose the twenty most interesting and inspiring ones.

Why Indians Can’t Hitchhike and travel solo by Shrinidhi

Shrinidhi discusses some reasons why an Indian is not able to travel solo and hitch hike like westerners. His post makes you question our culture and social values as they prevent many to take risks in life like going for an unplanned trip for an undefined period.

However, you that you don’t need to follow the rules set by others and you can break the shackles thanks to this new thing called the Internet ( ever heard of it ? ) Boss not letting you go? Try Freelancing online. Don’t have enough time? Try automation. The possibilities are endless, all you have to do is explore.

We recommend giving 4 hour work week a try if you are interested in the nomadic lifestyle.

Aldona Goa – Most beautiful village in the world by Anuradha

Thousands of people flock to Goa every month to take a break from the chaos of city life. However, most stay confined to the beaches and the clubs as that is where the “action” takes place. However, just 12 km away from the city is a village called Aldona “most beautiful village in the world.”

Beautiful Churches, forts, and a cemetery will greet you and leave you awestruck. The village has a lot of history attached to it and is definitely worth a visit.

100 India travel tips you have to read by Rachel

Rachel is an American residing in Goa for more than three years. She has a huge Instagram following thanks to the stunning photos she shares from all the amazing places she visits.

Having traveled through India extensively, she came out with this huge post sharing insightful tips for traveling through India. Indians will find it useful too as she has become a local herself after living for so many years in India. Even we covered this topic in our post – India travel tips but missed out on issues like budgeting and eating which her post addresses quite well.

Kaziranga National Park, India – Taking the Safari by the Horn by Revati and Charles

Revati and Charles, are travel enthusiasts in search for unique experiences. This time they take us to Kaziranga national park in Assam. Kaziranga is home to one of the most spectacular yet endangered animals in India – The one horned Rhino.

Here they do get to see the Rhino, but it gets way too close. The encounter with the Rhino, sightings of exotic birds and awesome pictures of the residents of the national park make this post a must read. The video of safari of Park at the end of the post is like icing on the cake !!

Bound by the Magic of Mahabaleshwar by Travelrope

Mahabaleshwar is a little-known hill station in Maharashtra. In her short post, Surya lists out the most interesting places to see and do in Mahabaleshwar.

The unique looking Panch Ganga temple and the sight of Drool worthy Strawberries won our hearts. Her post Proves that India has a host of Interesting places if one dares to explore.

Check out the post right now!

Explore Litomysl in 1 day – The Complete Guide by Parichay and Parampara

Litomysl is just 2 hours away from Prague, the capital of Czech Republic and is just like any other European town – Clean roads, plenty of cafes and big castles. However, Parichay does not visit the same old places that everyone visits.

He chooses to see the oldest House in town which is a whopping 344 years old. The old town square of the Litomysl reminds you of a packet of Gems. Each Building is of a different color. Europe does not cease to amaze us.

30 Incredible Experiences you can have only in India by Anna

Having traveled extensively through India, I thought I had seen it all. But boy, Anna’s post showed me that I still have a lot to cover. Our entire Team loved the post as everyone was counting to see who has done the most number of things from Anna’s bucket list.

From Meeting the different tribes of North India to exploring the ruins of Hampi, the post has some great ideas for your next adventure.

The post also shows how diverse India is as you can experience chilling winters, hot summers, stunning backwaters, old monuments, not so old Spas and resorts and much more in one country. SEO company Hobart

Quick five-day Itinerary to Macau by Rutavi

When you read the “about section” of the Photokatha website, Rutavi comes across as a tomboyish type of girl who does all sorts of rough things and is ready to get her hands dirty. Therefore I expected the guide to be for the backpacker types however it is far from that. And I love that. It is about staying in 5-star hotels and eating out at expensive restaurants.

It is a quick and dirty breakdown of what she did in Macau, and it is pretty exciting. You will get to know the myriad number of activities you can do there. Must read even if you are not planning to visit it anytime soon.

Houseboat Stay in Kerala – Review and tips by Swati and Sam

Swati and Sam’s description of their Houseboat experience is exactly what our clients narrate after they come back.

We included their post because they provide an honest opinion about their stay at a houseboat in Alleppey. They include both the good and the bad. And the good far outweighs the bad.

Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram: The colorful Grandeur by R Niranjan Das

The temples in the South India look majestic. There are no two ways about it. And the author takes us to one in Chidambaram called the Nataraj Temple.

Built in the 11th century, this gigantic gopuram reminds us that we are small creatures for our mighty Lord. Not just vertically, the temple is huge horizontally as well with a vast courtyard. Colorful paintings depicting mythological stories adorn the ceilings in halls and sanctums.

You will learn a lot about the temples in the south. Check it out!

Navratri Special: She is a Woman by Arti

This post will move you! Arti brings together 9 Bloggers who share a picture of a female from one of their trips and a story to accompany it. I don’t know if it is coincident or what, each story showed the grit and determination of a woman.

When I shared the post with my team, each and every one was impressed by Arti’s Idea.From the small girl of Sundarbans to the senior woman of Thimpu, every one of them reminds me of why I travel – to leave the familiar and see things from a different perspective.

Check it out Right now!

Why Terrorism should not stop you from Traveling by Ashray and Zara

Ashray answers a very important question that needed to be answered. Should terrorism scare you away from traveling? After the attacks in Paris, Brussels, and New Jersey, people tend to think that if terrorists can attack places like these then nowhere is safe which could not be far from the truth.

Statistics, simple logic, and Ashray’s wit, will, I hope, convince you to travel to all these so called “Risky” places.



The Craft villages of Odisha by Shruthi

Ever seen a Family have a travel blog? Chances are slim.

Well here is a family eats together, stays together and Blogs together- Sindhu, Shruthi, and Sridhar. These three visited three villages in Odisha – Dandasahi, Raghurajpur, and Pipli where the village folks are blessed with unmatched artistic talent.

These villagers make Amazing Pattachitra painting, stone carving, paper mache, mask making, toy painting. As Shruthi states in the blog post herself, walking through villages feels as if a stroll through an art Gallery. The colorful images of the various artwork entice anyone who is even slightly interested in art and craft to pack his bags and visit these villages.

Birding near Nashik by Param

Param and Shikha narrate their stories more with their pictures than their words. And the pictures are simply amazing. Look through their blog to see what I mean.

The post “Birding near Nashik” is a must read, or in this case a must see because Param and Shikha do all the hard work that is waiting Patiently to spot different words and clicking amazing pictures of them while you get to enjoy the beautiful fauna of Nashik.

If you have got bored of the regular – Pigeons, crows and sparrows then don’t wait. Check it out right now.

Jonbeel Mela: A Unique fair where people still practice barter system by Parnashree

Want to travel back in history and Live like your ancestors did? Don’t know about you, But I surely want to.

And Parnashree got to experience just that when she visited the Annual three-day festival called ” Jonbeel Mela ” near Hometown in Assam. The Highlight of the Fair ( Mela ) is that all the transactions that take place through Barter System. They exchange Herbs, Vegetables, and Grains with each other. Another interesting fact is that people not only trade but also live there for three days in the bamboo tents they set up.

Great find Parnashree!

Incredible Experiences of Spiti by Deepti

Deepti Asthana is known to venture into places where most would not dare to. This time she visits Spiti, a small village situated high in the Himalayas. Lacking even the necessary facilities, Spiti is a tough place to explore. However, it is the perfect place for people with itchy feet.

Deepti’s post will not just inspire you to go there but also lists out Interesting things to do in Spiti.


5 Adventure trips in India you ought to take before everyone starts doing it by Antarik

Antarik’s post list out some if not all of the Adventure activities in India that are yet to take off. And as he rightly says in hist post, you must do them before everyone else starts doing them because once they get commercialized, they will get robbed of the fun. But do keep in mind that some of the activities ( Himalayan Trek for example ) are quite dangerous. So if you decide to try one them, go there well prepared.

3 Hidden Valleys Of Uttarakhand (Special Permit Required To Travel) – Nelang, Naga, Jadung by Gitanjali

Northeast is a mysterious place. A lot of it is yet to be explored. Many untouched valleys in the North east hide in Plain sight. Gitanjali found three such valleys in Uttrakhand – Nelang, Naga, and Jadung. Each has a unique story to tell.

Images of Beautiful Valleys, vital pieces of History, and how to reach these lofty valleys. You will find everything in her detailed post.

Trails and tales – Places to visit in Hampi by Lakshmi

Hampi is the Ephesus of India. Famous for the ruins – remnants of Vijayanagara, one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime. The monuments send a chill down the spine with their sheer enormity. Laxmi takes you through the palaces, temples, and even stables each reminding you the Grandiose of that period.

In her huge post, she lists down each and every place worth visiting in Hampi. From Temple trail to Hampi’s weather to how to get there, this is the most complete guide about Hampi you will come across.

Tracing History in The Rocks of Badami by Pratap

A 3-hour drive from Hampi to the north (NH367) will lead you to Badami. For the uninitiated, Badami is famous for its cave temples and Agastya Lake. While the temples are prime examples of Indian rock-cut architecture, the Agastya lake is a skyline-silver.

Pratap’s shots from the fort near the lake and the Mahakutta temples are captivating.

The post proved to be a treat for our eyes!

A story Teller. An adventurer. An explorer. This and much more.
Traveling is not my passion, it is my life. And when I am not traveling reading and writing about different places keeps me alive.

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