4 Problems a Traveler faces in India and their solutions

India is beautiful, isn’t it ?

But India has its fair share of problems too.

Being in the travel industry for over 2 decades, we know what problems does a traveler faces in India and do our best that our don’t have to face any of these. 

But many people like to travel solo without any professional help. They like the freedom and flexibility that comes with not bound to a fixed itinerary but they have to tackle all the problems all by themselves which makes the journey somewhat less fun.

To help all the solo travelers have a great time in India, we have prepared this info graphic which lists the problems one faces in India as a traveler and the solutions.

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travelling solo in india tips


We hope you enjoyed the infographic. Please do share it with your fellow solo travelers to make their journeys more awesome !!

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  1. murli

    hahah, this really was epic !!
    being from kerala, I was infuriated at first but my anger turned to praise after reading your post.

  2. Sudha M.

    Kerala is indeed one of the most beautiful states and you just showed that in an unique way.

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