5 Best Places you must visit in Kerala

Kerala, a state with everything in abundance be it the beauty, the culture or the food, is abundant with a number of tourist attractions too !! but we all have limited time, so to make sure you see experience the best while you are in Kerala, we tell you the 5 best places you must visit in Kerala.

Munnar Tea gardens

munnar tea garden

The Munnar Tea gardens are something which you cannot miss out on your trip to Kerala. Covered in mist and situated at high altitudes are nothing less than heaven on earth. As you walk through the flush green plantations, You may encounter some rare animals like Ibex, lion-tailed macaque and the flying squirrel which lives up to its name. Don’t you believe me? Watch her fly here.

The most famous Tea estates include TATA tea company and Kolukkumalai tea garden which is said to be the highest tea estate at 8000 ft.

You are free to grab some tea to take home as a souvenir without getting sued for theft, at least, I wasn’t. Moreover, you can watch the whole process behind the making of the tea at the factories situated at most of these plantations.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Tea plantation in Munnar is during the months of October to April as the temperature is neither freezing cold nor freaking hot. In short, It is very pleasant.


The gardens are open from early morning to evening.

The light house beach of Kovalam

light house beach in kerala

The number one thing that most travellers seek out in Kerala is relaxation and unwinding. And what better places to chill than at a beach. The lighthouse beach is one of the three beaches that together form the crescent of Kovalam beach. It is the most visited and tourist friendly beach hosting a number of fun activities like adventure sports, herbal body massages and many more.

The famous beach is overlooked by the vizhinjam lighthouse. This 35-metre tall lighthouse gives the tourists the perfect view of all the three beaches in their tropical surroundings. If you are visiting the beach just for standing atop the lighthouse, then 3 – 5 pm is the time to go. The beach is open all day, though.
Being just 16 km away from the city centre of Kerala’s capital “Thiruvananthapuram”, this place is a must for any nature loving or adventure seeking tourist who lands in Kerala.

Best time to visit

Between September to march.


The beach is open all day like most of the beaches, but the lighthouse is open for the tourists from 3-5 pm only.

Kundala dam

The Boating lake near the dam

The Boating lake near the dam

A half an hour ride Munnar towards top station takes you to Kundala dam. It is the first arch dam in Asia. But The mesmerizing view from the dam, the cherry blossoms swaying in the wind and a wonderful boating experience make this place much more than just a dam.

Since not a lot of people know about this place, there is a lot less crowd as compared to other tourist attractions in Kerala. You can sit around for hours and hours, looking at the beautiful Nilgiri trees and the water, just reflecting why did I drink that awful Tea at the roadside. Yes, it was really awful but let’s not spoil your mood and move to the next place – Top station.


During the day

Top station

top station in kerala

You will be on cloud nine when you Trek to the top station, I mean literally. It offers a panoramic view of the western which absolutely breathtaking. Just 32 kilometres from Munnar, this place is paradise for the selfie lovers. The cool breeze and the fresh rejuvenating you from within are worth way more than the 50 bucks/ less than a dollar, that you pay for the entrance.

One has to climb some steps to reach the highest point on the mountain, which can get a little tough for children and old people.


Open all day but make sure you visit not too early and definitely not after 4 PM because it gets too misty clouding your view of the beautiful mountains.

Wonderla Amusement park

wonderla amusement park

There is a kid in each of us and I think we should let it out once in a while. This little Disneyland is situated in the Pallikara which is just 16 km from the Kochi city centre.

The amusement part is one of the best in entire India from what I have heard and the best from what I have seen. The place is very well designed and has both dry and water rides. After having a fun and a tiring day at the park, you can rest at the Wonderla resort adjoining the park.

The entry fee to the park starts from rs. 750 for children and rs 900 for adults. You can find the complete rate list here.


• Mon-Fri: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
• Sat-Sun/Holidays: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

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