5 free and fun things to do while on a Holiday trip

A visit to a different city or a country is one of the most memorable things in our lives. People do anything they can to make their holiday trip as pleasant and fun as possible. And it often entails coughing up large amounts of money.

So to help you  in making your next journey more awesome for less money ( mostly no money at all ), we list 11 things you could do for free and make a great time.

so lets get started !!

Visit the museums

Museums are the epitome of something cheap ( and on some particular days free ) and fun. They not only make up for a great outing but teach you a lot about the country you are visiting.

Most museums around the world charge a very nominal fee so as to attract as many people as they can. And usually museums keep the entry free for all on a particular day of the week. You could ask a local for the famous ones or do a simple google search to know all the museums in the city along with their timings and other information.

If you are traveling with kids, you may be wondering how will they enjoy a place is where there is everything still, no animations and no screens. Well here is a great post which has some helpful tips to make your kids appreciate the museum experience.

Keep a travel Journal

travel journal

and write anything related to your travel and trips. I have seen people do all sorts of things with their travel journal – paste post cards from places they visit to writing poems inspired by places they are at.

I say keeping a travel journal and filling it while on a trip is fun because-

You can rant – You can write down anything that happened with you during the day that you are happy about or something that concerns you.

Defeat boredom – May be you are traveling from new Delhi to kerala by a flight and have nothing fun to do. You have already watched the movie the airlines is streaming or may be you don’t the like the actor in it. so what do you do. You fill your journal with tidbits like some piece of advice the manager at the hotel in Delhi gave you, or write down the names of the friends you made at the club last night so that you don’t forget them when you are back home and ready to send out the friend requests on facebook.

You can help others – The journal can help as a detailed itinerary which you could share with your friends and family. You can give them insights which can make trips more awesome.

One important piece of advice that i must give you is that don’t treat your journal like a book which you have to publish. You can write whatever you want and in any way you want it to be. It need have complete sentences, a title,  proper grammar or anything that was taught by English teachers. Somedays you may feel like writing, some days you won’t and that is completely normal !!

Ask for a discount

Its totally free to do and you may end up getting a breakfast or discount on you hotel reservation.

Some people especially westerners hate the idea of asking for a discount as they think it is not polite. Moreover, we tend to assume that the opposite party is going to decline but guess what companies give discounts and freebies all the time. Travel with an Indian sometime and you will realize how much money you had been leaving on the table all these years.

Some of the Things you can get just by asking –

  1. Free transfers to the airport or railway station from the hotel
  2. Discount on your hotel booking.
  3. Free appetizers
This is how you will feel.

This is how you will feel.

If you want to try your hand at negotiation, you will absolutely this guide made by the new york times personal finance coach Ramit sethi. It has word to word scripts that will help you in everything lower your cellphone bill to asking for a salary raise. You can apply the same strategies to your conversation with the hotel reservation clerk next time.

Always remember – Ask and You shall receive !!

Visit The Restaurant’s Kitchen

restaurant's kitchen

Going behind the scenes and witnessing how the food you ordered is prepared is as fun as eating the lip smacking food itself.

After you place the order, just politely ask the server if you may briefly visit the cook who is preparing your meal and 9 out of 10 times, it is a YES. Moreover, the chef will be more than delighted to show you how it is cooked, telling you interesting facts about it and much more.

Although you don’t need to know how to cook yourself but if you do cook then you have added benefit of learning from the most sought after chefs from around the world. Do not forget to take your camera to click some pics and may be pen and paper to jot down some notes about the dish and how it is made.

Kitchen visits are one of my favorite things to wherever I go !! I once went to a kitchen with my dog and the chef gave him some chia seeds. I asked if dogs can eat chia seeds and he told that my dog will love it !!

Talk to the locals

Although it might seem pretty obvious and straight forward but many a times we overlook and tend to have fun with our family and friends or fiddle with our mobiles and tablets.

Talking to the locals is like opening a door to another. The things you will get to know cannot be found in any Lonely planet’s guide. You will get to know how their world is different from your world. You will related to somethings and somethings will totally take you by surprise. I know it is not easy to strike up a conversation with a person in another country especially when a language barrier exists but I hope the following tips help you –

1. Couch surf – You can find hosts in almost every country around the world. Couch surf is not just for frugal or people on a tight budget. If you wish to explore the little known gems around the city, eat at the best restaurants to taste authentic food which has not been modified for the foreigners, then you got to live with a local even if it is just for a day.

2. Play tic tac toe – Yes, you read that right. It may seem a bit weird but I will share a story with you to bring home the point. While on my flight to bali, a girl in her mid 20’s from Japan was sitting next to me. She was a solo traveler and globe trotter of sorts, drew the intersecting lines on a tissue and slid to me. I was a bit confused at first and did not know how to react but after a moment or two, I grabbed the pen she was holding out for me to grab. By the time we reached Bali, we had become good friends and decided to travel together in bali.

And if I say that Tic tac toe helped us to know each other would not be wrong. This simple game was sort of an ice breaker. Interesting, right ?

We hope you enjoyed the tips and will try out some them wherever you go next !!

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