5 Tourist places in Delhi only Locals know About

If you are looking to travel via flight from Jaipur to Delhi you are sure to have your travel plans booked. There is so much to see and do since it is one of the top places for tourists to travel to. While this city is full of tourists, it is also home to many locals. If you want to experience the true culture and magnificence of this wondrous city you need to stop at these five tourist sites that only locals know about.

1) Laxminarayan Temple

This beautifully constructed temple was built from 1933 to 1939. It is visited by locals very frequently and is also visited by many tourists. This Hindu temple was dedicated to one of the most well known Hindu gods, Vishnu. This temple also features three side temples that were dedicated to other Hindu gods including Shiva, Krishna, and Buddha.

This temple is visited by both locals and tourists because it is one of the largest Hindu temples that exist in all of Delhi. It takes up nearly 7.5 acres. Throughout the temple, you can view various shrines, statues, sculptures, fountains, and gardens. It is a picturesque temple that is sure to make you stop and take pictures.

2) India Gate

This iconic and breathtaking monument is visited by both locals and tourists regularly. If you truly want to experience the brilliance of this monument you should visit it at dusk when the sun is setting and the lights are illuminated. When this monument is illuminated you can truly appreciate the architecture of this World War I monument that was built in 1931.

It is completely free to visit this monument and you can visit it at any time of the day or night. The convenience of visiting this monument makes it a very popular destination for all. Be sure to snap a picture when visiting this site so that you can show all of your friends and family back home.

3) Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is a spectacular structure that you must see if you are traveling to Delhi. It is impossible to understand the true brilliance of this structure without seeing it in person. This structure was built by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak. This structure is made entirely of brick and stands nearly five stories tall. It is truly incredible to see such a tall and intricate monument that was made years ago and see that it is still standing today.

This monument is located in Mehrauli, Delhi and is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. If you are planning to visit this site you should arrive here early before the lines get too long or the weather gets too warm. Many locals choose to visit this site early to experience the true peace and serenity of this place before the tourists get there in the afternoon. The site is cheaper for locals, but for tourists, it costs about 100 Rs.

4) Agrasen Ki Baoli

This is another popular tourist destination in Delhi, but it is also visited by many locals because of the frightening haunted encounters that some people experience while visiting. This step is 60 meters long and 15 meters wide and is an amazing work of art. The incredible architecture that went into the building and creating this structure is one that people will stop and stare at for hours. Even though locals have seen this site before they are still in awe each time they visit.

This site is free to all visitors, making it an incredibly popular site to visit, especially if you are traveling on a budget. This structure is open each day from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

5) Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

This religious site is visited by both locals and tourists alike. It is frequently visited by the Sikh community since it is one of their religious sites, but it is enjoyed by many others as well. It is a famous tourist location in Delhi so even if you are not religious, you should enjoy the spectacular architecture and spirituality that encompasses this space. The entire complex includes a religious site, a school, a hospital, a museum, and a library. There is a lot to do and see here so if you plan to visit this popular spot be sure to set aside some time.

To visit this complex, both the inside and outside is completely free to both locals and tourists. It is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to allow everyone to visit. If you want to see this site when it is visited by locals you should visit it at sunrise or sunset. Both times will allow you to experience the true beauty and peacefulness that this place has. The complex is located near water so it makes it feel even calmer. The presence of the water allows for a more natural aspect.

Traveling to another country can be both exciting and stressful. You want to make sure that you make the most out of your visit since it is likely a once in a lifetime trip. You can research the city all you want and read every blog and review, but if you want to experience the city and see all of the cultures you have to visit the places that locals do. The locals of the city know the best places to travel to. If you travel to these places you will surely have a great time and leave with unforgettable memories.

Each one of these tourist attractions is visited by thousands of locals and tourists each year. They all have something special about them that keeps people coming back for more. If you want to experience nature, serenity, and peace that the locals have in Delhi you should visit these locations and try to avoid coming when they are their busiest. These five tourists sites that locals visit most frequently can help you better understand and appreciate the culture of the people that live here.

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