6 Most Famous Handicrafts of Kerala That You Can Take Home as Souvenirs

Kerala is one of the most culturally rich states of India and the home of some of the most unique handicrafts you can find anywhere. The craftsmen and artisans of Kerala trace their lineage to “Vishwakarma”- the architect of gods. Everything related to Gods is so elegant and Royal and so are the Handicrafts. I bet you would like to take some royalty back home.

Following are the most famous Handicrafts in Kerala 

1. Pottery items

The skilled craftsmen of Kerala mold the clay into Beautiful Murals depicting local legends, Terracotta masks, Jars, Urns and Vases all of which give an instant lift to your home’s interior. Of late, You can even get your own picture inscribed on the clay pots thanks to Kerala’s government’s initiative to teach potters the french technique of decoupage and recapture their lost market.

2. Coconut-derived Products

Coir Basket

Coconut which is omnipresent in Kerala is used in making numerous Handicrafts. While the Coir is used to make Baskets, Fans, bags, rugs, and a lot many products and the coconut shell is used to make products like bowls, vases, animal shaped toys, and even Hookahs. You can find these items easily in Kollam and Calicut.

3. Lacquerware

Lacquerware from Kerala

Lacquer Ware is a blend of woodcraft and metal. The artistic woodcarvings created by artisans are given lacquer finish and the product is finally decorated with precious metals. The State of Ernakulum has some of the best Lacquer Ware.

4. Banana fiber handicrafts

Banana Fibre Bags

Extracted from the trunk of the Banana plant, the banana fibre is used to make table mats, bags, and wall hangings. Due to their eco-friendly nature, they are very popular among the tourists.

5. Textiles

Kasavu Settu Saree

Silk saris are a must buy in Kerala. The plain white Karaikudi saris with a gold band on the borders and the pallu look very elegant and beautiful. Kuthampully sarees made by weavers in the Kuthampully village have a unique look as the Saree has a very smooth surface with no protruding fibers. And the Balaramapuram sarees have a pure Zari border giving it an ornate look. A lot of effort is put to make these Sarees as they are mostly produced by Handlooms instead of automatic looms.

6. Woodcraft

Traditional Nettu petti Jewellery Box

Woodcraft of Kerala makes its presence felt in every major temple, church, and monument. From The Pillars to the Ceilings, you will find intricate woodwork everywhere.The same skills are used to make souvenirs like cute Kathakali Dolls, Jewellery Boxes, and other traditional ornaments.

There you have it! Six famous handicraft items you should buy once you are in Kerala. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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