6 Travel Hacks to Ensure You Get Quality Sleep While Traveling India

The excitement of flying off to someplace foreign, especially to a place that boasts so much culture and vibrancy like India, can be overwhelming to the senses. The sub-continent has 29 states and 7 federal territories, which means there are virtually endless things to do. It can be difficult not to try and fit as many attractions and activities as you can in one visit.

For this reason, a lot of visitors tend to trade sleep for more hours of sightseeing – something veteran travelers know all too well and advise against. Fatigue will set in easily, and this can be problematic because energy is just as important as currency while traveling.

To steer clear of the burnout, here are 6 travel hacks to guarantee that you wake up feeling energized and ready to venture out into the streets of India:


  1. Start adjusting your sleep schedule on the plane.

    Jet lag is a common sleep disorder that long-distance travelers struggle with. WebMD explains that this is due to the way the body flies faster than the internal body clock (circadian rhythm) can keep up with. When jet lag sets in, it becomes challenging to sleep at the normal local hour and a lot of missed opportunities for touring is caused by oversleeping.


One trick to minimize its effects is to adjust all timepieces to UTC+05:30 (India Standard Time) and use that as the basis for whether or not you should squeeze in some in-flight sleep.

  1. Book a room with the right amenities and bring special items.

    Temperatures in India can reach 40 degrees C so book a room with air-conditioning, especially if you’re not used to the hot climate. You can also pack items that remind you of home or a place where you have no trouble dozing off, such as your favorite blanket or travel-sized pillow.

  1. Walk out and about.

    Business Insider specified getting natural sunlight as one way to reset your internal clock, along with exercise. Although, India is sixth in the list of countries with the most World Heritage sites, among other attractions, so it’s not difficult to get some sun and movement going while touring.

  1. Pack your sleeping tools.

    Leesa recommends taking a sleeping kit with you on your vacation, which could include an eye mask and earplugs. While using a sleeping kit in-flight is not unheard of, it can be invaluable when your room is located in one of the rowdier areas of India like Bombay or Calcutta.


  1. Meditate.

    Being the birthplace of Yoga, meditation is widely practiced in India. It has deep ties with the practice of Yoga and is believed to be a stepping-stone to achieving enlightenment.

Aside from transcendent benefits, meditation has been known to improve sleeping patterns. In the 70s, Harvard affiliate Dr. Herbert Benson discovered the relaxation response which is the body’s ability to release chemicals that facilitate the slowing down of the organs and the muscles.

To meditation newbies, find a comfortable position and focus on breathing. About 10-20 minutes of doing this every night before hitting the sack may be enough to improve your energy come morning time.

  1. Eat right.

    During the day, you can indulge in local dishes, but in the afternoon, it’s advisable to choose food that can help you sleep come bedtime. For instance, NDTV details how nutmeg is used in India to flavor meat and desserts, making it an important ingredient in many local dishes. It’s known to promote sleep and in fact, Ayurveda – which also originated in India – uses it in some of its practices that induce relaxation.

India can be an overwhelming destination but exploring its wonders does not always have to be exhausting. Asian Tours and Holidays advocates smart traveling: partaking in the local culture as well as following a detailed itinerary, and the only way to enjoy all the activities to the fullest is by having enough energy throughout the day.

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