7 Expert Travel Bloggers share their favourite travel hacks

Here at Asian tours and holidays, we decided to join the “expert roundup” craze and publish an amazing piece of our own.

And since we sincerely believe, that there’s no better topic for Travel bloggers to discuss other than Travel hacks, here is the question we craved answered:

What is your favorite travel hack?

Traveling is good but traveling smart is better. We want to help our readers know how to exactly that. The hack can be related to anything – saving money, safety, experience in general etc.


Evelyn Hannon from journeywoman.com

Evelyn very knowledgable

When other travellers ask you what you do for a living and you’re not sure if they can be trusted, tell them you’re a policewoman on holiday. I do it all the time just to be on the safe side.

This is my absolute favorite out of all the hacks. And I like it for two reasons. Firstly, it is a clever use of some psychology to be in a safer and authoritative position. and secondly, because my father used to do something similar. He used to pose as the editor of a very famous newspaper in India.

To back up the claim he had acquired from one of his an identity card from the national press association or something like that. No toll at the highways, Front seats at various events, VIP darshans at temples (Mandir), you name it and we got it, well most of the times.

But this was ethically wrong and I would suggest you to stick to Evelyn’s Advice.

Mridula Dwivedi from traveltalesfromindia.in

mridula dwivedi

If possible, turn up at a place and then look for a hotel in India. That way you get a cheaper price.

Mridula has been running her travel blog for over a decade now. She has been mentioned on both the bbc and theguardian. Having travelled extensively all over India, she knows what she is talking about and I would not ignore her advice.

So chuck away hotels.com for your next trip to India and book the hotel after arriving. and if you can’t find one, you can turn to us for some help !!

Lisa Imogen Eldridge from girlabouttheglobe.com

lisa the traveller

Always know some basic self defence moves

Pretty obvious, right ? But this is very overlooked advice. As a traveler, it is your duty to be able to defend yourself. Given, that the government must make their countries safe for everyone, but what if someone attacks you, the “government” argument won’t help.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, it is always a good Idea to know some self defence moves and carry a pepper spray while travelling.

We should do everything we can to keep ourselves safe and technology can help us a lot in doing that. So here is a list of apps you can use to be safe.

Jonny Blair from dontstopliving.net

jonny the smart hacker

Visit Countries Nobody Has Heard of

When I read his hack for the first time, I was confused. I was confused as to how do I get a list of countries nobody has heard about. Do I google it or what? It was a stupid question but I realized this only after I had already emailed him back asking the same question.

Any country you have not heard of is probably not known by most of the other people. And if you want some inspiration, check out this post from his blog.

Abigail King from insidethetravellab.com

travel hacker abigail

Use zip up toiletry bags and wallets to contain cables, headphones, medicines etc while travelling. They’re much sturdier and easier to root through than plastic bags.

Untangling your headphone cables from your charger is definitely the last thing you will want to do before hitting the road and do some exploring. Unfortunately, we all end up being in this undesired situation. But you can employ this smart travel hack to be more organised and tidy on your next trip.

Prasad Np from desiTraveler.com


Ditch the fancy places to eat, always find out where the local families go to eat to get the real food of the place at a much lower price.

Thanks to technology, we can read reviews about restaurants at sites like Fodor or Zomato. One downside of these websites is that they cannot list every restaurant everywhere around the world because it is upto the restaurant owner if he wants to be listed on these sites or not. And these not so tech savvy owners miss this wonderful opportunity to have their Tantalizing food be eaten by more people.

Therefore, you should at least talk to the locals as to where do they like to visit for dinner perhaps. This way you can be sure that you are getting to experience the authentic taste of that country.

Candice Walsh from freecandie.com


I guess my one tip would be to use a site like FlightFox, where someone bids for your trip to help you find the cheapest option available. That way you can take advantage of hackers with real skills.

I had completely no idea what this FlightFox was all about. After I reading about it for a while, I applauded the owner for this brilliant concept in my mind.

Flightfox is a paid service which will pair you with a  “travel hacker” who will assists you in planning your trip in the cheapest way possible. The amount of money saved is usually more than the fee paid for the service. There are three things to keep in mind before you pull out that credit card –

  1. You need to be flexible with your travel dates and sometimes even the airport you take off from or/and land at if you want to get the best deal possible.
  2. This service works best for round the world and complex itineraries.
  3. Do some deal hunting yourself first so that you can specify what is the best deal you can get and you want a price lower than the one you found on your own.


Well, that was it!

7 opinions of prominent Travel bloggers on their favourite Travel hacks.

Would love what you think about their answers, whether you agree with them or not!

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