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Alleppey Houseboats Tour tariff and cost

Our Houseboats are the perfect example of a peaceful abode. With the world class facilities, you will not miss your home. Your entire family and you will experience tranquility as the houseboat glides through the Vembanad lake.

Tariff rates valid from 1st  April 2017 to 30th September 2017*.

Type of CruisePrice  
Alleppey Deluxe Cruise-  One Night/day
One Couple One BedroomRs. 7999
Four Pax Two BedroomRs. 9999
Six Pax Three BedroomRs. 1299
Kumarakom Deluxe Cruise-  One Night/day
One Couple One BedroomRs. 8999
Four Pax Two BedroomRs. 10999
Six Pax Three BedroomRs. 13999
AC would be operational only during 9 pm to 6 am
Extra person with extra bed is Rs. 1000.00

Tariff rates valid from 1st  October 2016 to 31st March 2017*.

Type of CruisePrice
Alleppey Deluxe Cruise-  One Night
Two Pax One BedroomRs. 9999
Four Pax Two BedroomRs. 12999
Six Pax Three BedroomRs. 15999
Kumarakom Deluxe Cruise-  One Night
Two Pax One BedroomRs. 10999
Four Pax Two BedroomRs. 13999
Six Pax Three BedroomRs. 16999
AC would be operational only during 9 pm to 6 am
Extra person with extra bed is Rs. 1000.00

*20th December to 5th January 25% Hike on above rates.

*Terms & Conditions

  • Rent rates are subject to Indian Government’s Taxes & Levies.
  • The above package cost is Inclusive of (fixed menu) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea/Coffee, and Snacks & Mineral water during meals.
  • Check-In time is 12.00 PM & Check Out time is 09.00 AM
  • Houseboats are anchored (cruise stop) from 6 PM (Evening) till 7 AM (Morning) & parked in the lakeshore for night stay.
  • Entry to Children below 5 years of age is complimentary.
  • Special dishes can be arranged subject to availability against direct payment.
  • Deposit of 50% of total cost required upon booking confirmation. Pay balance amount while checking-in.

5 Reasons to visit Alleppey

Alappuzha which is more commonly known outside of the area as Alleppey is one of those destinations that you really should visit. It is a truly remarkable place that has something to offer practically any type of visitor.

Its stunning beauty

This area is known as the Venice of the East, which is very apt because it is full of waterways. In fact, the name Alappuzha means land between the sea and the rivers, which perfectly describes its geography.

It is this abundance of water that helps to make it so beautiful. The land is nourished by the water, so there is plenty of lush greenery and trees.

Pretty much wherever you go, you see the buildings, trees and landscapes reflected in the lovely clear water that runs through the area. Something that helps to create an enchanting vista quite unlike anything you will have seen before.

Amazing sacred and religious sites

The area is home to several ancient religious sites, which are important for the Hindus, Christians and Muslims that live in the area. Amongst the most interesting is the 15th century Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple, one of the oldest in Kerala.

Other religions are represented in the area, including Buddhism. Many visitors find the 3ft statue of Buddha, at Karumadi fascinating. The story of how it got there and was damaged is an interesting one.

A chance to experience true tranquillity

Generally speaking, the area is still a great destination for people who really want to get away from it all. A great way to find true peace and quiet is to take a backwater cruise on a traditional houseboat.

It is best to take a cruise that lasts a few days. This gives your pilot enough time to take you away from the busier areas, which are full of noisy tourists taking the much shorter sunset tours.

These longer tours also give you the chance to visit some of the villages and get a feel for rural life in the area. 

A truly unique culture to enjoy

The people of Alleppey have a unique culture. They have always lived close to nature and are therefore very knowledgeable about the natural world. In most cases, they make a conscious decision to live a simple life that is in tune with the environment in which they live.

If you are lucky, you will be able to witness one of the colourful festivals that take place in the area, each year. In August, this quiet town comes alive when the Nehru Trophy Boat Race is held there. You can find out more about this event here.

Wonderful food

The rich land and abundant waters that surround Alleppey produce a marvellous harvest. Local chefs take these high-quality fresh ingredients and turn them into nourishing and tasty dishes that are quite unlike anything you have ever tasted before.

Most visitors love everything they taste, especially the simple coconut rice cakes, called Puttu, that are cooked for breakfast. Ghee rice served with chicken curry or beef masala is another favourite. There is so much to try that it would take you months to sample all of the wonderful dishes that are on offer here.

Always a warm welcome

The people of Alleppey are warm, friendly and very welcoming. They really know how to look after you and are always happy to have a conversation. Even if they do not speak your language they will still do their best, and find a way to help you.