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Best Trekking Places in Kerala

Kerala’s topography is very diverse which ensures that everyone finds something or the other for themselves. And the trekking enthusiasts are no exception. Kerala has plenty of Trekking places and we have listed the best of them here.


Ramakkaledu is a hill station in the idduki district of kerala. With lush green grass, this 3500 ft. tall mountain offers a splendid view of the villages near by. With ever flowing wind, You will not get tired even after trekking to the hilltop. Apart from trekking, one can even visit the magnificent Kuruvan and Kuruthi Statue, a tribute to the local heroes of the same names.

Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the third largest Peak of south India at 2100 metres above sea level. The trek to the top is rough and is recommended for seasoned trekkers. You need to get prior permission from the forest office in Meppady, the nearest town. But the regardless the legal and natural hassles, it is totally worth it as one is allowed to camp on top of the peak. You need to hire a private vehicle from Meppady to reach the watchtower at the foothill of the mountain, which is 8 kms. away.


Ponmudi, also known as the golden peak is a hill station in the thiruvananthapuram district of kerala. The short trek starts from the kallar river bridge just before ponmudi and continues along the banks of Kallar river upstream. You can expect the trek to be 2 hours long. You will be greeted with small natural pool at the end of the trek through the dense forest.

Dhoni Hills

This reserve forest is 12 kms. from Pallakad and adjacent to Malampuzha Reservoir. One can trek to Azhakampara waterfall which is 3 km away from the bottom of the hill. There a Rs. 20 entry pass requirement to enter into the area. You are allowed to take your food up the hill so make sure you do to have a mini picnic set amidst the beautiful mountains.

Vellari Mala

Vellarimala is 2200 metre tall and lies in the Meppadi forest range as well as the Thamarassery forest range. It is just 56 kms away from the Kozhikode Railway station. The one way trek is one day long. You will find plenty of guides for the trek and advised to hire one for such a long trek.


These were the best out of the numerous trekking places in Kerala. You can travel there by yourself or you can contact us so that we can arrange for you a tour based on your needs and perfected by our expertise !!



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