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    Can You learn learn a language under 15 Minutes ? If it is Korean, then Yes !!

    Ever wanted to do learn a foreign language ? of course you did. Every wants to learn a foreign language so that we can impress some foreigners we may encounter at Taj Mahal.

    But, learning a language is not that easy. Even if you want to learn the basics of a language, it will easily take about one year. And most of us don’t want to spend that much time. Luckily, whoever made the Korean language considered this and constructed the language in a way that you can learn the basics within 15 minutes flat. More…


    14 Reasons Why You Should NEVER VISIT Kerala

    Kerala, also called God’s own country is famous for its beauty. It was recently named the top emerging destination of 2015 by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) but should it really be on your bucketlist?

    Lets find out !! More…


    7 Expert Travel Bloggers share their favourite travel hacks

    Here at Asian tours and holidays, we decided to join the “expert roundup” craze and publish an amazing piece of our own.

    And since we sincerely believe, that there’s no better topic for Travel bloggers to discuss other than Travel hacks, here is the question we craved answered:

    What is your favorite travel hack?

    Traveling is good but traveling smart is better. We want to help our readers know how to exactly that. The hack can be related to anything – saving money, safety, experience in general etc.



    5 free and fun things to do while on a Holiday trip

    A visit to a different city or a country is one of the most memorable things in our lives. People do anything they can to make their holiday trip as pleasant and fun as possible. And it often entails coughing up large amounts of money.

    So to help you  in making your next journey more awesome for less money ( mostly no money at all ), we list 11 things you could do for free and make a great time.



    4 Problems a Traveler faces in India and their solutions

    India is beautiful, isn’t it ?

    But India has its fair share of problems too.

    Being in the travel industry for over 2 decades, we know what problems does a traveler faces in India and do our best that our don’t have to face any of these.  More…

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