Happy Travel Secrets : 5 things to do before your Journey

So your boss gave you a travel leave and you are all packed up, got your tickets, and are headed out of the door to fly to London. But, wait there’s more! You forgot to take along with you these invaluable things you must do. You forgot to pack your healthy and a calm brain! Your mind is all confuzzled(confused and puzzled) about how the trip is going to go. You are already experiencing pangs of worry and doubt. Perhaps even anger because you might be late but no worries. We have the solution for you . I, in my blog post here, have the solution to all of your problems. We are going to get your mind in the right positive space and have a happy journey wherever you travel. Here’s 5 things YOU must do before you leave your house to go on a trip! Best of all they can be done in less than 30 minutes!

1. Meditate/ Yoga ( 10 Minutes )

girl doing yoga while travelling

I am a huge fan of meditation and yoga! You must meditate and clear your mind space before you go on any trip. You have to be calmed down for the long trip ahead of you. It doesn’t matter where you are flying, driving, canoeing, or, however, the heck you are getting around on your trip! It takes plenty patience to go on any trip anywhere! So, you have to be calm and ready for the adventure ahead of you. Plus, if you are flying you know how much hell the airport can be sometimes. So, here’s my quick meditation tips.

A. Sit down in an enclosed room by yourself(or your partner)
B. Cross your legs
C. Play some meditation music via Spotify, Pandora, or my personal favorite Youtube.
D. Close your eyes.
E. Take a couple deep breaths and relieve your stressing.
F. Think only great possible thoughts.
G. Don’t focus on anything but your great thoughts and how well the trip will go . Imagine where you are going and how wonderful it will be.
Bonus : There is plenty of guided meditation videos available on Youtube.

2. Affirmations (1 minute)

This goes hand in hand with meditation . You do some quick affirmations saying how well the trip will go . You focus all your attention and speak it 3 times out loud to yourself and say ” I will have a fantastic trip with no worries!”. No matter how south it may seem to be headed! No worries you are going to have a wonderful trip. I can guarantee it !

3. Write down your trip feelings (5 minutes)

feeling like fear,anxiety on a paper

Something new you may not have heard before. Plenty of people might tell you to write down your trip goals but we need you to write down your trip feelings! I need you to imagine how you will feel while you are on this trip and having the best fun possible. Even if this is a trip, you don’t want to be on. No reason to be a Debbie Downer when you can be a Happy Patty. So, let’s make this trip great and write down how you want to feel this trip! Then, while you are on this trip I need for you to experience those feelings as best as you can. This trip is yours don’t let anything stop you from having a great time.

4. Make sure you have everything you need (5 minutes)

So, nobody hates to forget they stuff they need and it makes the whole trip worse by you having to recoup stuff that you need! So, take a few minutes and make sure you have every essential you need! Toothpaste, underwear, toothbrush, phone chargers, phones, money, and etc. Nobody likes to have to go back and get these items or worse don’t have them at all while you are on the trip . At any moment you realize you don’t have this stuff it just makes your mood go down and makes the trip sourer! So, before you head out always ALWAYS double check you have everything . Write a list of everything you need for the trip if it will help you be able to check it off!

5. Check on all of your guests and whoever you are with (5 minutes)

This is for anybody who is traveling with somebody! Make sure everybody you are with is in a good mind state and has everything they need. Nothing is worse than having to worry about others who are going to complain the whole trip! It only makes the trip worse. So, you have to make sure everybody you are with is happy or will be happy with the stuff they have that makes them happy. A happy group is happy you! So, everybody’s happiness is important in keeping your mind state optimal.

Visualize and Prayer (Bonus item)

Visualize goes with meditation but do a quick one of how well the trip should go right before you leave your house! Say a quick prayer to your higher power for a safe, happy, and exciting trip!

There you go folks ! 5 Things you can do for a happy trip in less than 30 minutes! You have a minute to spare so you should be heading out that door and your way to an awesome trip! Where you will have a blast doing it ! I hope you guys have safe and happy travels.

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Alexander Studivant is currently putting together is ebook ” 10 Positivity Lessons for the Soul “. He loves to write about positivity and being the best you! He is also very knowledgeable in social media and is becoming an entrepreneur. He is first and foremost a writer. He dibbles and dabbles in magic . You can find him on his blog site at positivityguru.wordpress.com. Follow him on social media sites at Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram with the username –sirwitty.

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