How to Make the Most Out of Your Solo Trip

In a world rapidly changing, it is easy to forget about your well-being and lose track of who you

are. A solo journey is an excellent way to take a break from your daily routine and grow from a

cultural adventure. Although some destinations may be more challenging than others, going

abroad will reveal your core values and unfold a new version of your personality.

Put Yourself Out There

It is easy to go to food chains or hot spots as a tourist. But make sure you also let life’s

serendipity surprise you. The point isn’t, of course, to put yourself in danger but to accept the

challenge of the unknown. World traveler Vicky Philpott recommends taking the opportunity to

“let the place show you what it’s got.” When you commit to a solo journey, it also means that

you can only rely on yourself, and no one imposes an agenda on you. So, consider visiting a

place that isn’t listed on TripAdvisor!


Lower Your Expectations

If you pick a destination on your bucket list, it is easy to dream of what you will find, especially

if you have been waiting for a visit for years. You may also have heard stories from other people,

which will likely stick with you the entire journey. However, my suggestion is to have little to no

expectation. It’s your solo trip, adventures, acquaintances and little scares that should define your

traveling experience.

Embrace the Differences

Cultural shock isn’t a fantasy; it will strike you at the least expected moments. Even if you think

you already know everything about the culture and habits of your destination, chances are you

will meet someone or face a situation that will challenge your core values. It’s natural and

honestly, what’s most valuable about traveling: confronting the values and norms you grow up

with will reveal what matters to you. Differences are challenging, but self-revealing.

Blend in Your Host Country

Anywhere you go, the locals will appreciate your efforts to respect their customs and blend in.

The travel blogger, The Blonde Abroad, discovered a lot more in her travels when she started

listening to and watching people. Your solo trip may teach you a lot about yourself, but you will

also learn about the traditions, the social structure and the culinary habits of a new country. Take

the time to do some good old people watching and let this new environment unfold before you.

Surround Yourself

This recommendation might be contradictory to the point of a “solo trip,” but loneliness is likely

to strike you, even if you are a lone wolf. When facing the differences in your host country, you

will probably feel uncomfortable and will want to share it with someone. If social media makes it

easier to communicate with your friends and family, bear in mind that they only partially

understand what you are experiencing. Therefore, I recommend staying in a hostel with people

who have similar experiences or with a local family who understands the differences in the


Stay Connected

It might be obvious now, but your phone carrier or Wi-Fi may not work in your host country (or

you will have to pay an enormous bill when you go home, which may facilitate or hinder your

journey your travels. If you’re having trouble staying connected, check the local phone plans to

ensure you have data wherever you are, as recommended by professional poker player and

Sandra Naujoks, who has spent her career traveling worldwide from one tournament to another.

If you get lost, your phone will become your best friend!

Acknowledge and Communicate Your Boundaries

You may speak the local language, and the locals might not speak yours. Even if English is

known to be the lingua franca, it does not mean everyone speaks it. Thus, make sure to learn a

few sentences in the local language and download a translation app. It’s especially essential for

people who have dietary or health restrictions.

Going on a solo trip is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with yourself and

discover a new part of the word. However, relying on yourself in a new environment will require

resilience and open-mindedness while boosting your self-confidence and building long-lasting



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