14 Reasons Why You Should NEVER VISIT Kerala

Kerala, also called God’s own country is famous for its beauty. It was recently named the top emerging destination of 2015 by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) but should it really be on your bucketlist?

Lets find out !!

What is so godly about this place?


Ferry ride in kerala

You will have to go to forests for shopping 


Lulu Mall In Kochi

Who can eat idli dosa for 3 times a day for 5 days, cmon Guys, get creative with your food 


Sadhya – 24 dishes served at once

South Indians like their idli dosa so much that they have no sweets in their menus


Banana Varattiyathu

I would rather watch some football than these gigantic boats having more than 100 men, racing with each other 


Snake boat race in Allapuzha

Speaking of sports, they don’t have any adventure sports like rafting or trekking

river rafting in kerala


Who would travel thousands of mile to see something like this, not me certainly

epic sunset in kerala

Sunset in Alleppey, Kerala


Same old festivals, same old celebrations


Pulikkali Tiger festival in Thrissur

Somebody please tell them that yoga is supposed to be done in a studio not in the lap of nature


Beaches, beaches, and just beaches………..nothing else 


 Munnar hill station

Indian Beaches are dirty and Kerala is no differentcherai beach is clean as hell


Cherai beach in Kochi

The very idea of men with heavy makeup dancing to classical beats will put you to sleep
kathakali dancers one man one woman

Naturally occurring heart-shaped lakes are so common, I will pass 

heart shaped lake in wayanad


 Chembra peak

I like big birds like ostrich and Emu, but this one is too big !!jatayu park


Jatayu nature park in Kollam

So, I think we’re able to convince you enough that Kerala is just not your cup of tea.

Good luck getting it out of your head now because you know, the spell of Kerala has already been casted upon you. Now you won’t be able to relax till you’ve visited this slice of utopia!

If you are from India and kerala specifically, then you need to share this with your friend to celebrate the greatness of unmatched beauty of our state – KERALA

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  1. siddharth

    I really hope that people do not take offence just on the basis of the title. It was a good read !!

  2. aby philip

    Travel is not always about what you want from it, it some times, or in my opinion is what you learn or experience form your travel that makes the difference. “Exploring” is the base of a travel experience.

    You cant go to the most common/typical restaurant any place in Kerala eat what most of the rest of people prefers-idli/dosa. Kerala has amazing food not just in taste but also that helps you in keeping your health fit.

    to be continued……

  3. Gayathri

    Kerala beaches are not dirty and Kerala is not polluted.. Come to kerala if u wish… Or else dont… U can see god in the people who treat you… Stop saying rubbish… Idly and dosa are not the only food here.. We have lots and lots of varieties here.. Go and have valla sadhya… I will b amazed..

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