Picture Perfect Tourist Places in Kerala for 2 days trip

Kerala is so vast that you can’t enjoy the best tourist spots in just two days. But now that you have decided to explore the best of Kerala in such a short period, let us help you in your endeavor.

Top tourist places in Kerala for 2-day trip

For the purpose of this Guide, we will assume you are arriving at Cochin first. From the Cochin Airport, you should Either proceed to the Athirappilly waterfalls or go to Alleppey for a Houseboat stay.

If you decide to go to the waterfalls 

athirappilly photo

Athirappilly Waterfall

After you have taken some rest at a hotel in Kochi, you are advised to hail a cab to the waterfalls. You can either book through the local travel agents or ask the hotel staff to arrange one for you.

Considering that the falls are 80 km away from Kochi and open till 6 in the evening, you should leave the hotel by 2 pm so that you can reach by 4 Pm and enjoy the place for quite some time.

Two places that you must visit are –

  1. Athirappilly falls – Nicknamed the “Niagara of India,” the Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Kerala. Located on the Chalakudy River, the waterfall is 80 ft high. Take an extra pair of dress if you decide to bath and get an invigorating massage from the stream of water. To witness the waterfall from below, you will have to travel through a narrow path consisting of slippery stones.
  2. Vazhachala falls – This wonder of nature is just five km away from the Athirappilly falls. His waterfall, cascading on the edge of the Sholayar forest range has been categorized as one of the finest presents in India. The months from June to October are considered as the best seasons to visit this place because of the pleasant weather conditions. Although it is not as famous as Athirappilly, the plus point is that it is less crowded!

If you decide to go to Alleppey

alleppey Houseboat photo

A houseboat in Alleppey

If you choose to go to Alleppey, you should reach the place directly from the Kochi airport as you will be spending your night in a houseboat. Make sure you reach the place before around noon. There are two ways to rent a houseboat. First one is to reach the jetty and rent one after talking with the owner directly. But, often, the touts will try to become the middleman by walking alongside with you and showing to the houseboat owner as if they brought you to them. This can make the owners quote a higher price to you.

The second way is to book a houseboat in advance with a reputed travel agency. No need to haggle or be troubled by the touts.

The Houseboat ride starts in the afternoon and goes on till the evening, the time to park them. Along the way, you may witness interesting sights like women trying to catch fish, School students coming back home from school in houseboats and people herding ducks and much more. After an overnight stay at the houseboat, the houseboat heads back to the main jetty the next morning.

There are a lot of things to do and in Alleppey –  

  • Champakulam Church is one of the oldest Portuguese Church in India and is on the route of Boat Cruises.
  • Alappuzha Beach With its historical pier extending into sea it is a famous picnic spot both for tourists and locals
  • Karumadi Kuttan   Buddhist site from 11th century with an old statue of Lord Buddha
  • Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple 32 KM south of Alleppey, this temple dedicated to the serpent god or Nagaraj is considered to have wish-fulfilling powers, especially for those wishing for a child.
  • Village Tour Your boat man should take you to some local village to show local activities like coir spinning, toddy making, thatch roof making, etc.
  • Visit Toddy shops ( coconut based illicit alcohol drink ) dotted around the area.

Return to Kochi before noon to enjoy sightseeing here.

Okay so now you are in Cochin, these are the places we recommend you to visit –

Kerala Kathakali Centre

kathakali photo

A Kathakali artist during a performance

Coming to Kerala and not witnessing the Unique dance form of Kathakali is a sin. Please Don’t commit that sin.

This is the best place to enjoy an authentic Kathakali Performance. The performance is about 90 minutes long. Let us tell you a fun fact: it takes the actors about an hour to apply the elaborate makeup on their faces, and you can see entire process too if you arrive an hour early.

Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala folklore museum built in Travancore style of architecture

While Kerala Kathakali centre is the home of Kathakali and other South Indian dance forms, The folklore museum is the home of ancient artifacts from South India. Collected over 30 years by its owner George J Thaliath, the artifacts are scented with the times gone by and steeped in a strong sense of culture and heritage. You can even buy rare artifacts and watch dance, martial arts and ritual performance in the Museum. Check out the Museum’s website to know more.

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